Get Filed To Get Hired!

Get filed…to get hired. It’s an insider tip that still works even in today’s online world.

Specifically, you want to get your company info. i.e. sales letter, brochures etc. into your prospect’s hands and then into their file – the one they keep in their office about cleaning.

Oh, and I’m not talking about sneaking into their office in the middle of the night to do it. (Hint; sending a great direct response sales letter by mail will do just fine… more about that later.)

So why is it so useful to get in to their file anyway?

Well, over the years, we’ve discovered something very interesting about the person in charge of hiring the cleaning company.

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s an office manager, maintenance supervisor, facilities manager or President of the company…even in a world of online ‘search’ – many of them still

keep a physical file in their office labeled CLEANING or JANITORIAL SERVICE.

But why in the world would we want to have our company info just sitting in an old fashioned file drawer gathering dust?


Because it’s THAT file many of them pull out when they get ready to change contractors.

And it is THAT file where they put the brochures, business cards and sales letters of the cleaning companies they will choose from.

But don’t we want to get hired now, not later?

Sure, we all love it when we send a sales letter, or make a call, and almost immediately get an interested prospect.

It sometimes happens. And when it does, it’s great!

But our experience is many times, maybe… 9 out of 10 times a prospect isn’t ready to change services right away. They may want to in the future, maybe even soon, but not just yet.

So, we want them to remember us, and think of us, as the next company they will turn to when that time comes. (NEXT? Sound familiar?)

Getting our company in their mind, and in that file, is one great way to do just that!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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Kimberly Nash

Need more knowledge and ebooks about commercial cleaning services,crime scene cleaning, Office Cleaning,and medical facilities,


Thanks, glad to hear you found the video helpful. Wishing you much success, Dan

NextOneJanitorial - Farrell L Taylor; Operations Manager

Thank you Dan, this was very helpful. I really appreciate the personal touch.


Anthony, thanks, appreciate your comments. Wishing you all the best! Dan


Now that's an excellent idea. I'll try that in the near future, your right being in that old dusty file cabinet gives you an advantage 😉.


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